Blending The Old With The New

When you’re renovating an old house, you don’t always want to throw everything out and start again. Often, there are some gorgeous period features that give the house character and make it unique. 
The trick is knowing how to make the best of them. The West Ryde living room is very dark and this stunning fireplace gets lost amongst the wood panelling. To make a feature of it, I’ve used a variety of coloured vases to draw focus to the area and toned these with gorgeous funky cushions.

This gives a modern twist to a classical room.

Many people think white walls and white cornices work well in old houses. But in fact, this hides the architectural detail.

Keep your cornices white but use a contrasting paint colour on the walls to make them stand out.

Kitchens are another way you can mix the old and the new to get a great effect. Buyers want modern appliances, with clean functional workspaces but look at original features you can retain to make the area really stand out.

Although I’ve replaced the kitchen, these old doors were too lovely to throw out, so I’ve painted them, moved them to the other side and used them as a feature.

I’ve also retained the old dining nook as it was still functional and gave the kitchen character. To keep with the retro theme, I’ve used a bold geometric pattern on the cushions and some funky 50s-style appliances for modern convenience without compromising on the look.

So with a bit of clever design, old and new can be a match made in heaven!


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