Color-Blocking Decorating Ideas

Color-Blocking Decorating Ideas

Blue (and Green) Plate Special


Play a little musical chairs with your dishes, mixing rather than matching the salad and dinner plates. Add a variety of napkins. For a more lasting effect, try re-covering chair seats in different tones — a project that can be done in 10 minutes with a staple gun.

Wake-Up Call


A plain white bed is like a blank canvas. Color-block by adding two different solid-colored pillowcases, draping a throw across the bottom, and fitting the bed with a bright sheet. This orange headboard is store-bought, but you could also staple-gun colorful fabric around a headboar.

Living in Color


Color-blocking in the living room can be as daring as adding a striking rug and curtains or as simple as lining the sofa with a trio of bolster pillows in different hues. Rebecca says, “Add one or two bold colors to your neutral environment and suddenly everything looks different.”

One for the Books


That plain bookcase is just calling out to be color-blocked — after all, the shelves have already done the “blocking” for you. Paint the levels different hues, but — as is often the rule with color-blocking — limit yourself to three colors to keep the look from getting cartoonish. Books, boxes, and photo mats offer other opportunities to color-block.


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