Home Tour: A Modern Colonial

The Home

Laura Harrigan, freelance art director, lives in a traditional home filled with some not-so-traditional furniture along with her husband and three children. A flea-market scavenger, Laura pairs modern with old, eccentric with staid. Around the corner from the butterfly stool in the entryway, chartreuse walls and a curvaceous lamp brighten up the breakfast room.



The Kitchen

Instead of spending a lot on kitchen cabinetry, the couple chose open shelving and splurged on appliances and limestone



The Mantle

The living room mantle are ever changing; favorites from Laura’s apothecary-glass collection are currently on view.



The Living Room

In the living room, Philippe Starck chairs sit next to a weathered celadon cabinet. The pale-orange walls unite this unexpected pair.



The Chandelier

The chandelier was the first thing Harrigan bought for the space, so she built the room around it. The chandelier which drips with colorful glass fruits is certainly a focal point of the room.



The Master Bedroom Before / After

Stephen focused on enhancing what was already in the room, and removing any unnecessary pieces. His person mantra was, ”You don’t have to throw out what you have. Think: what already works? The make a few additions”. Within a few days– and without spending more than $1,000– he had given Harrigan’s bedroom a sleek new style.

Sometimes the smallest decision can have the biggest effect. In this case, moving the bed a bit to the right freed up the porch door and opened up space for a new wicker arm chair. All together, Stephen’s additions gave the master bedroom and intimate and warm feel.




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